How is Mission 823 Helping Ukrainians Affected by the War?

Ukraine has been defending itself from attacks for over 8 years, but now this has grown to a whole new level and there is a nationwide assault on civilians and residential neighborhoods. Millions of innocent people are running for their lives!

Your donations will help us continue to provide for the needs of these precious people.

We are actively helping in the following ways:

  • Locating and rescuing those in conflict areas.
  • Providing safe transport of evacuees and refugees away from conflict zones to our facilities in the west or to the border.
  • Providing housing and shelter for those displaced from their homes.
  • Providing food, clean water, medical care, heaters and humanitarian aid for those in need and their affected communities.
  • Providing water filters to areas that no longer have clean or safe water.
  • Purchasing supplies for and working in partnership with other agencies helping with evacuations and medical aid.
  • Providing long term relief and rebuilding efforts.
  • Providing trauma relief and PTSD counseling and support.
  • Organizing and planning for future trips to provide medical aid, humanitarian aid and disaster clean-up and rebuilding.


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Why Are There At Risk Youth In Ukraine?


Every year an estimated 15,000 children will age out of the orphanage system and be evicted from orphanages all over Ukraine. Almost 30,000 enter this system annually.

  • 60% of the girls will enter into prostitution.
  • 70% of the boys will turn to crime to survive.
  • 10% of these children will commit suicide.
  • 106,000 children currently live in more than 750 state institutions.

Another 800,000+ children are refugees from the war zone.

All of these children are at high-risk and with limited opportunities, they become targets of human trafficking.

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