Fundraisers For Mission Trips

Water Filters

The sale of much needed water filters for the refugee population and war zone residents of Ukraine is a great way to raise funds for your trip and provide a life saving system for these people.

These filters are compact and will be connected to a bucket locally on the field. These gravity feed filters (no electricity required) provide hundreds of gallons of water for a family daily and are good for 1 million gallons of filtered pure water.

Basically, each trip participant who wants to use this fundraiser orders one sample filter from us at $25 to show to possible sponsors, signs up those sponsors to buy one (or more) of these filters, then collects the donations for those filters for a suggested donation of $50 (or more) per filter. The trip participant gets to keep anything over the $25 cost of the filter to cover their trip expenses. Anything that comes in over the trip cost will be donated to Mission 823.

Trip participants forward their order form and a check for the total amount collected to Mission 823. We will order the filters and have them shipped directly to your church or team address. Trip participants pack the filters in a separate suitcase and bring them to the field for distribution. If you choose to use our online tool, as well as face-to-face fundraising, simply track your total donations online and send funds collected locally to our office. These fundraisers for mission trips are highly effective.

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